About Us

Medicine is constantly changing and evolving, from the way it is practiced to the way it is administered.  Medicine of the 21st century is much different than ever before.  It’s important to note that there are many outside factors that affect and influence how medicine will continue to change.  These include recent changes to commercial health insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicine, as an art and a science, is practiced in a variety of different ways and the variability relies upon the specific physician rendering care.  It can be conservative, or it can be surgical in nature.  It can be frequent or infrequent.  The venue can change.  In other words, it can be in a medical office setting, operating room, or within the comfort of your own home.  Physicians in the past have made house calls for a variety of ailments, treating both children and adults, day or night.  Unfortunately, as the healthcare landscape has changed tremendously, it is increasingly difficult to deliver the familiar quality care of years past using the same route.  As a profession, medicine must adapt to these changes both economically and socially as to protect the integrity of the patient’s health. 

Dr. David C. Mai is out to change the way medicine is practiced.  He believes that everyone is indeed entitled to quality health care delivered in a quick and efficient manner.  He does not believe that quality needs to be sacrificed in any way shape or form.  He believes that efficiency does not translate to a drop in caliber of care.  This is the vision of Lakes Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Medicine, as it is now practiced, requires a great amount of patience, diligence, fortitude, dignity, respect and empathy.  Without these cornerstones, the chances of failing increases tremendously.  All these values are important components of being able to deliver quality healthcare to patients.  It is something every physician should strive to provide.

In order to facilitate this change, Dr. Mai believes that physicians need to stop and look at themselves in the mirror.  Change starts from within.  Every physician will one day become a patient.  And this is how his vision originates.

Listen more, more patience, more empathy, and more humility.  These are the merits that medicine needs today to deliver efficient and quality healthcare.  This is how change is brought about.

These are the core values upon which this office is built.  Welcome to Lakes Foot and Ankle Specialists, the office of Dr. David C. Mai.